This morning we did an informal poll on how you take your morning coffee! To my surprise, many people drink their coffee like I do...Black!

Here are the Top 4 Reasons you should have your morning cup of joe black!

1. It helps boost your memory - Studies show that people who drink black coffee at least twice a day have a better memory than those who don't. Studies say regular consumption of black coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 65% and Parkinson’s by 60%

2. Cleanses your stomach - Coffee is a  diuretic beverage thus it makes you want to use the restroom often. With out sugars and creamer, you can pass toxins more quickly and ut helps keep your stomach clean!

3. Gives You Plenty of Antioxidants - Black coffee is packed full of Vitamin B2, B3, B5, Manganese, potassium, and magnesium. Plus the lack of sugar and creamer helps make sure you get only get the good stuff!

4. Helps in weight loss - Not only do you cut plenty of calories by not having the sugar and creamer in your coffee, Black Coffee can boost your metabolism by 50% during your workouts.


How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Cream and Sugar
Just Cream
Just sugar
I Don't Drink Coffee
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