Here in the states we like our Easter candy.  Last year Americans spent around $2 Billion dollars on the stuff.


What's cool about Easter candy too is that, unlike Halloween, you don't have to go door to door and beg for the goods.

So, with Easter upon us, what are the top selling candies of all time?

According to Complex on-line magazine, a site that compiles lists of pop culture things, here we go.

#1 are the Cadbury Mini Eggs

One can never have too many Mini Eggs, as the pleasure received from their consumption is immeasurable. You did a great thing here, Cadbury; we can't thank you enough for the gifts to Easter candy game.

#2 is the Peep

One might think that these brightly-colored, animal-shaped confections would rank as the number one Easter candy of all time, but they're just a close second in our book. The yellow chicks are the OG's of the Peep game, but since they were first introduced sixty years ago, we've been blessed with an assortment of shapes, colors, and even some new flavors.

#3 is the most decadent the Cadbury crème egg

How do you like your eggs? With a white and yellow fondant center surrounded by a thick, chocolate shell, please and thank you. The jingle tells us "Nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury's," and the Cadbury creme egg is proof of that.

So what do you think make 4-12 on the list?  Click here



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Although years of consuming these treats may have led to unwanted trips to the dentist, we regret nothing, and we'll continue to indulge as long as we live.

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