Back to school seems like a magical time of the year. Kids get to meet their new teachers, etc... It can make us parents crazy, though. I know this list is more relatable to kids in kindergarten and first grade. If you are a worry wart like me, I can relate to these top 10 things that parents worry about with their kids when going back to school:


1.  Will they settle in okay?


2.  With they make friends?


3.  Using the bathroom on their own.


4.  Will they misbehave?


5.  Whether or not they'll like their teacher.


6.  Not eating their lunch.


7.  Losing their backpack, or other belongings.


8.  Not drinking enough water.


9.  Getting lost.


10.  Will they end up in the BOTTOM of their class?

This week, I am more concerned with the water situation. I want to make sure she is drinking enough water. My other one is whether or not she will eat her lunch or how much she ate.

At the end of the day, we need to let them go and become the little butterflies that they are.

Have a safe and happy school year Buffalo!

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