It's Tony Tries Tuesday, and today Val has decided to make me wear heels.  Yes you read that correctly.  There is a disturbing trend developing over the last few Try days and I think I need to reread the fine print in my contract.


When I agreed to wear heels today I hadn't thought it all the way through.  I didn't think about the fact that I would need to buy heels that would fit me.  I can't borrow Val's or anyone else's I know since my size is 12!  Women's sizes are 1.5 sizes bigger than men's.


I had to go to the Mall today and buy a pair of size 12 heels.  I snuck into Payless and discreetly tried on a pair to make sure they would fit.  The pair I tried fit, but the color was Nude which is boring.  I then spotted a blue pair in the same style.  SCORE!! I actually had a feeling of excitement run through my system before my senses came back to me and I realized what I was excited about.


Point is I get it ladies.  You find a pair of shoes in the color you want and you have to have them.  Anyway, I bought the shoes after getting some questionable looks from the cashier.  I partially tried to explain myself but then said screw it, I am a 40 year old man buying heels - it is what it is!


So I wore the heels and went for a stroll around our studio offices.  Did I succeed?  Judge for yourself...

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