It's another Tony Tries, and once again -- he's gotta make it a competition. Since I felt like Tony really needed a win over me (I mean, this is just an example of how kind-hearted I am), I took him to RPM Raceway at the Galleria Mall.

The last time I raced a go-kart I was 8 years-old, and given that I failed my first road test --  I figured this might be the day Tony ended his losing streak.

You'll have to check out the video to see if Tony's dreams of 1st place came true or not!

One thing I can tell you, without spoiling the ending, is that Tony and I both wanted a rematch! And after some practice, I think we could really have some heated competition! One way to live out your racing fantasies on the regular is with a membership at RPM. I also got to see their VIP Party Room, and it looks like this would be way more fun than your usual birthday or office party get together.


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