It's Tony Tries Tuesday and today I finally caught a break!  Today's challenge took place at the World of Beer at Walden Galleria.  It took me a record of .00028 seconds to say yes once I heard the location.

I have been past the World of Beer a bunch of times, but this was my first time inside.  The place is unbelievable and if you haven't checked it out yet, you need to.  I assumed (like probably most people) it's a bunch of beer.  Well, it is, 554 different kinds to be exact, but it's also delicious food, games, and fun.

I was lucky enough to try a few beers and a lot of food.  Val picked out a flight of beer for me and I had to guess which beers were included, and then we ate almost the entire menu.  It was amazing and as usual and of course we caught it on video.  Enjoy!

For more on World of Beer at Walden Galleria you can check them out right HERE.  I recommend the taco trio, giant pretzel, chicken sliders, WOB Cobb salad...well, you get the point!

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