If you've played King's Cup before (I'm sure I have, but college is all a little blurry) then you know the basic gist. There's a cup in the middle with a deck of cards scattered around it, you take turns drawing cards and each card has an accompanying action. Six is chicks (girls drink), five is guys (guys drink), nine is rhyme (pick a word and everyone needs to come up with a word that rhymes, whoever can't drinks), etc.

Queen's Cup is similar but way crazier/more fun. Buffalo Beer Mug Co. took the concept and dialed it up to 11, as we do in Buffalo. As the story goes, the Queen got bored with the King's rules, poisoned his drink and made her own! If you want to avoid a similar fate, you need to play by her rules...

Some of the rules are absolutely bonkers, and this is DEFINITELY a game for those ages 21+. Obviously there is plenty of drinking involved, and some of the rules are for a...let's say "mature" crowd. Best of all, the more people involved in the game, the better.

So naturally I had to try it! I took on our digital guy and let's just say he proved why millennials can't hang with Tony P.

If you've got a beer-drinker in your life, this is the perfect Christmas gift. I may or may not have kept this one for myself.

Buffalo Beer Mug Co

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