It's Tony Tries Tuesday where Val Townsend makes me do things for her  your enjoyment.  Today she had me do the Blindfold Drawing challenge.  If you don't know what that is, it is exactly what it says it is.

While wearing Val's son Andrew's sleeping mask, I had to draw pictures and have Val guess them.  This might not sound so bad, but trust me, once you can't see it changes everything.  I drew 3 pictures for Val and I have to say I crushed all 3.  She guessed all 3 correctly although she struggled with the last one.


I mean come on!  Considering these were drawn blindfolded, and I picked my marker up several times, they are pretty good.  That's how I draw a turkey without a blindfold, so basically no change!

Blindfold Drawings

Think you can do better?  Do the challenge and then send me an apology letter!

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