It's Tuesday which means it's another day of Val Townsend making me try something that either I have never done, or just do not like.  Today is the latter, because if you know me you know I do not eat sweet potatoes, and like a normal person I also do not like beets. Who really likes them??  How are they still a thing?


Sweet potatoes are a tough one.  Every Thanksgiving I am berated by sweet potato loving people who try and make me feel weird for not eating them.  It doesn't work, it is impossible to make me feel weirder than I already do.  To be honest, I am not sure why I don't like them.  I feel like I confuse them with yams (which are also disgusting), but I am also not 100% sure they are not the same thing.  I think I had them as a child and didn't care for them so that set my taste buds up for life.


So today is the day I gave both of them a chance once again to win me over.  Of course we recorded it so you can see my authentic reaction to each food.  Spoiler alert: Beets are still disgusting!

If you have anything that you would like me to try, email me at I might just give it a try.  Be gentle, I still want to live when this is all over.  I am willing to do just about anything with the exception of anything to do with spiders.  Beets and spiders are a no go!!

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