It's Funny Friday, which means it's time for Tony P's '30 Second Comedy Minute' where we only feature comedians from Western New York.  Today's comedian hails from Killbuck, NY, and if you don't know where that is you're not alone.


Killbuck is in Salamanca, and Cody Colin Chase is kind of a big deal from there.  So much so that the childhood street he grew up on, Chase Lane, was named after his family.  They were the only people to live so far into the woods (nearest neighbor 5 miles away) that they named the street Chase!


Cody is a funny comedian who performs all over town and is a regular at Helium Comedy Club.  Today is also his Birthday so do the right thing and laugh at his joke from today's show.  Actually it's more like he is doing you a favor because it is a great joke.  Either way, if you missed it you can hear it here right now.  Enjoy...

For more on Cody you can follow him on Twitter @CodyColinChase or on his alternate Twitter @Kombuchatastes (as in Kombucha tastes like...) where he finds new ways to describe the worst drink on the planet.


  • Born and raised: Killbuck, NY
  • Age started doing comedy: 25 or so. I tried it once when I was 18. I did a set between two hardcore bands. It was the worst thing I have ever tried to do. Took me 7 years later to try again.
  • First Place Performed: A dumpy bar show in the sticks.
  • Favorite Comedian: Kyle Kinane, Tom Segura, Joe Machi, Big Jay Oakerson, Mike Birbiglia, and Tony P.  You know the standards.
  • What Else: I don't like Kombucha!

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