One thing that is cool about this radio job is that sometimes you walk in on a Wednesday and you have fan mail.  There are not many jobs that afford this opportunity, and when you are used to getting bills in the mail, it is nice to have something else for a change.


The envelope of the letter is striped with color, and has music notes all over it.  Inside was a letter and a quote card.  The quote card read, "What You Do Everyday Matters More Than What You Do Once In A While" - Gretchen Rubin.  On the other side of the card it said "Celebrate Any Progress.  Don't Wait To Get Perfect." - Ann McGee-Cooper.


Great quotes, great letter, and great presentation with the envelope, but no name on who sent it.  Whoever you are, THANK YOU, you brightened my day!  Also, the request in the letter was to give an inspirational quote on a regular basis.  I am going to try and incorporate that into the show.


If you missed us talking about this on the show today, you can see the video here.  Also, send us your letters to:

Tony P or Val Townsend (or both)
Mix 96/Townsquare Media
14 Lafayette Square, 12th Floor
Buffalo, NY 14203

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