This was a HOT BUTTON issue this morning, and frankly, we can see why. Listen to this ad:

This isn't about addressing a scar or birth defect or abnormality. This is completely COSMETIC. As the ad above states, it's about tummy tucks and nose jobs.

What do YOU think about this?  Our phone AND text lines EXPLODED.

Text line (716-241-9696) :

Steph/Alden:  Im sorry but plastic surgery for kids is so wrong even for trying to prevent kids from being bullied. Heck I have big ears but I was never bullied for that. Parents actually have to bother to tell their children how to deal with bullies instead of encouraging their children to change so they can possibly be left alone

Chrissy/Buffalo:  OH HELL NO!!!!. My god where have we gone wrong.  As a parent I've always told my kids that they were beautiful and perfect in their own way.  Sickening.  Doing that sends a message that they aren't good enough or cute enough. I'm sick.   We protect them from pain not expose them.

Heather/Springville: Hi this is Heather I think that is absolutely wrong what are we teaching our kids. looks are not everything we all go through an awkward stage in life this just has my blood boiling any parent who subjects their child to this needs their heads examined

Here's some of what you had to say on the phones:



















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