If you haven't seen a variation of the "Toddler Test" on social media, I encourage you to try it out with the toddlers in your life. The results are always unexpected and hilarious.

The rules are simple, try to get your toddler to sit still. Kidding! Just try to get them to pay at least 15% attention to you. Ask them the following questions, and re-post with your answers. No cheating, and no coaching!

Here's my hard-hitting journalistic interview with my 3 year-old Charlie.

What is your name: "Charlie."
How old are you: "Good."
When is your birthday: "Wednesday."
How old is mama: "Whats that?"
How old is daddy: "LOOK IT'S A BEAR!"
What is your favorite color: "Red."
What is your favorite food: "Vegetables."
[Editors note: this subject is a total liar, because I cannot recall the last time I voluntarily saw him consume a vegetable, and am pretty sure he subsists on sunshine and candy only.]
Who is your best friend?: "Charlie is a best friend."
What is your favorite show: "I don't know, what do you think it is? What did you find? iPal please."
What is your favorite movie: "Old McDownload."
What is your favorite song: "Um, music."
What is your favorite animal: "I don't know what's your favorite, this one?"
What are you scared of: "Tigers."
What makes you happy: "I don't know."
Where is your favorite place: "I don't know." 
What do you want to be when you grow up: "Old McDownload."
Whats mama's favorite thing to do: "No I don't want it, I'm watching the iPal." 
Whats daddy's favorite thing to do: "MAMA, WATCH THIS!"
And folks, there you have it. A look deep inside the mind of the upcoming generation. Copy and paste the questions, and try it with your kids!

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