It's Throwback Thursday and we are going back 40 years to 1977, and to a galaxy far, far away.  Star Wars made an appearance on the big screen and the rest is history.  We have seen all of the movies and have enjoyed all of the nostalgia but as with anything, there is always more to know!

In honor of 'May the 4th', here are some fun facts you may not know about the original trilogy:

1. Universal Studios and United Artists both turned down the original Star Wars film.

2. It cost $13M to make the original Star Wars.

3. The only film to have sold more tickets in the US then the original 1977 Star Wars is 1939's Gone with the Wind.

4. One of the asteroids seen floating through space in the Empire Strikes Back is actually a potato.

5. The words “I have a bad feeling about this” are said in every Star Wars film.

6. On the very first day of filming "A New Hope" C3PO's costume kept falling apart every few minutes.

7. The Imperial officer's uniforms were patterned after the uniforms of Nazi officers to add to their "villainous" image.

8. Although Episodes IV and V were big hits, the studio refused to sign for Return of the Jedi...until Lucas drew out a merchandising plan that included more toy-friendly characters than Empire did. (And that's how Ewoks were created!)

9. Yoda is sanskrit for Warrior, and his first name is Minch.

10. The voice of Yoda is done by Frank Oz, who also happens to voice "Miss Piggy" from The Muppets.

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