If you are heading out today or this weekend to stock on food and supplies, please don't be this person at Walmart.

With less and less workers behind the cash registers at Walmart, chances are when you go to check out, you end up using the self-checkouts.


So if you are using the self-checkout, please don't do this. This happened to me the last several times that I went to shop at Walmart and it is VERY annoying.

People who are done using the self-checkout end up staying at the checkout area talking with someone. They are done, there is a line, but it seems like they don't care and they are going to take a checkout register and sit there and talk.

Once when I was in the checkout line, a lady ended up having her dog with her and after she was done checking out she was talking to the Walmart employee for like five minutes.


I don't mind if they chat, but the lady should of move out of the way to carry on their conversation. It WAS obvious that there was a line, and the employee should also have been respectful of the people in line and moved to the side with the lady to continue their talk.

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So if you are out shopping and using the self-checkout, please scan and pack your items and move along. Let the other people who just want to get their groceries, go ahead and pay and go home!

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