If you or someone in your family is on a gluten-free diet, you have to be extremely careful while you shop to make sure your products don’t secretly contain the allergen. 

There’s already so many foods that you've had to cross off of your breakfast list, but thankfully, these days several of our favorite breakfast treats like waffles, pancakes, bread and bagels are available in stores as a gluten-free option. 

Unfortunately for those who are trying to avoid gluten, one of their breakfast go-tos is being recalled because - you guessed it - it actually does contain gluten. 

Popular Gluten-Free Bagels Being Recalled In New York State

The FDA has announced a voluntary recall from the brand Feel Good Foods of their Gluten-Free Plain and Everything flavored Cream Cheese Stuffed Mini Bagels, due to an undeclared gluten that may be present due to cross-contamination.

The frozen bite-size bagels, available in grocery stores across New York State like Target and Walmart, have a UPC code of 89903900283 and 89903900286, and include all “Best By” dates between 5/29/24 and 9/17/25 (the date can be found on the bottom of the package). 

Recalled Bagels NYS
Feel Good Foods/Walmart/Canva

Note that the products recently went through a redesign, and could look like either of the labels above. 

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The recall was initiated after Feel Good Foods received a complaint from a customer who had a gluten sensitivity-related reaction to the bagels, and as a result, the company has pulled the products from store shelves.

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If you have purchased either of these frozen bagel products and have a gluten allergy, you’re advised to throw them away immediately and get a refund from the place where you bought them. 

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