I was talking to some people at Darien Lake over the weekend and I learned that Gregg Allman and Cher were here in Buffalo kind of frequently back in the day. Of course, Allman was laid to rest over the weekend which sparked the conversation about his drug use and his stay here in Buffalo for addiction at Linwood Bryant Hospital which is now BryLin.

Of course, I had to share, especially because Cher is making her way to town next April!

Then I came across this in the Buffalo News from 2017 about when Allman and Cher came to Canisius High School and surprised everyone there. The students of Canisius wrote Allman letters during his treatment here and who would have ever though he would have taken action on those letter and of course, bringing Cher and their son.

Talk about a serious rock and roll fan's dream back in the 70s. Check out some of these pictures and this story!


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