With today's news that Buffalo has some of the oldest home stock in the country, makes you wonder where are some of the oldest homes in the world.

Well most are in Egypt and the United Kingdom. According to Spears on-line Magazine, three of the oldest and significant are right here in the states.

Think you know which ones, they are pretty famous?

1) Mt. Vernon

Mount Vernon certainly deserves a mention as it was the home of George Washington, the first president in the USA.

According to sources, it was built around 1727 in Alexandria. Located 16 miles from Washington DC, Mount Vernon is a 500-acre estate that includes a fourteen-roomed mansion.

2) Monticello

Just a year older than Mount Vernon:

Located in Virginia, Monticello is believed to have been the first American home with a dome ceiling...

Jefferson built and rebuilt Monticello over a period of forty years. This building has east and west porticos. While east portico opens to a parlour, west opens to grand entrance hall. Towards north and south, there are terraces.

3)  Lastly Samuel L Clemens pad:

The Mark Twain House was built in 1874. Named after its owner Samuel L Clemens, whose pen name was Mark Twain, the house was designed to look like a riverboat.Reports indicate that the house was designed by New York’s noted architect Edward Tuckerman. Its building style is that of Victorian gothic revival architecture.

Here is a wee video of Twain's place.




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