As we get ready to wrap up August today with a major cool down in Western New York, this past month will be remembered for being hot and humid.

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Over the past 31 days, we have had plenty of 90 or above temperatures and the humidity made the heat index at times feel like it was in the 100s, so it should be a surprise that this August turned out to be a record-breaking month.

According to WGRZ's Heather Waldman, August of 2021 will go down as the hottest August in Buffalo history. The average temperature for the month was 75.8 degrees pushing into the top spot over, now the 2nd hottest August ever, 2016, where the average temperature was 75.6 degrees.

Here is a look at the Top 5 hottest Augusts on record in Western New York. All these temperatures were recorded at the Buffalo airport.

#1 - 75.8 degrees - 2021
#2 - 75.6 degrees - 2016
#3 - 75.2 degrees - 1947
#4 - 74.8 degrees - 1959
#5 - 73.8 degrees - 1955

It also turned out that the Summer of 2021 will go on record as being the 2nd hottest Summer in Western New York history with an average daily temperature of 72.7 degrees.

The good news is that were are expected to see a major cold front sweep across Western New York later this week which will help keep the temperature down and keep the humidity at bay.

August is known for being the "Dog Days of Summer" and this past month really proved that August can be downright hot and muggy and uncomfortable.

After a month like we just had, here is hoping that all those Halloween decorations at Home Depot and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks help bring in the cool Autumn air and fall foilage here to Western New York sooner than later.

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