We are so close to the border, but how long has it been since you traveled to see our Canadian friends on the other side?

If you have been deterred by COVID-19 and the necessary precautions in order to visit Ontario, Canada, maybe this Airbnb hotspot will be enough to convince you to take a little weekend excursion to see Canada again (you know -- other than the view we get from across the lake).

This Airbnb is in a great location, which is Niagara-on-the-Lake. If you have never been, it is beautiful there; plus, they have a good selection of vineyards. I personally think the best time to go is in the fall because they have a lot of trees and leaves, and the fall foliage makes this place even prettier than usual. An old friend’s family lives in this region of Canada, and after meeting them the first time, I have always wanted to go back and enjoy nature. Now we have a perfect spot to do that.

Listed on Airbnb for just over $200 per night, the property gives you the entire residential home to yourself, along with some notable unique features, including a huge deck with a hot tub, your own dining area, and a private Tiki bar. In terms of Airbnb choices in the area, this location is perfect for a fun family weekend or a weekend getaway to clear your head, and here’s another pro: the Niagara strip is just a short drive away.

The living room is spacious, and I still can’t get over how awesome this Tiki bar is. Maybe it could be the next place you watch the Bills game?

To see the Tiki bar and other unique features in the home, check out some photos below, courtesy of Airbnb.

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