Other than waking up on Christmas, is there a such thing as a "perfect morning"?

A new survey asked Americans to name the top things they need in order to have the "perfect morning."  Their responses included. . .

1.  Coffee.

2.  A good breakfast.

3.  Exercise.

4.  Meditation.

5.  Watching the news.

6.  Reading the news.

7.  Listening to your favorite radio show or podcast.

8.  Having a glass of juice, or a smoothie.

9.  Yoga.


“No matter your individual lifestyle, customizing your day is an indulgence we all wish we could have,” ...


“This survey illustrates the need that today’s luxury consumers share to personalize their morning experiences so that they can better achieve the ever-elusive perfect start to the day.”

7 out of 10 of people said having more time in the morning would be a luxury. Personally I would be remiss if I didn't suggest starting your morning with 96.1 The Breeze.

Here are some other suggestions on how to make the most of your morning...


(NY Post)


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