Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday at 2:00 A.M.  We "gain an hour" by turning our clocks back.  Here are some things we plan on doing with that Extra Hour ...

Prepare for the clock on their stoves to be wrong for six months.

Organize their anti-anxiety meds.

Replaced the batteries in life-saving devices in the home like fire alarms .

Steal candy from their kid's trick-or-treat bag.

Think about all the things we have to be thankful for.  Then watch TV for the remaining 59 minutes and 56 seconds.

Go back to McDonald's for ANOTHER McRib.

Make love.

Ignore all the sane people in their lives and go ahead and put up Christmas decorations.

Polish off the rest of the Halloween candy so there's nothing left but Smarties and green lollipops.

Make up excuses for why they didn't spend the extra hour finally getting around to cleaning out those gutters.

Make a list of all the topics NOT to bring up at Thanksgiving dinner.

Head over to Target to check out the Valentine's Day decorations.




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