Buffalo traffic isn't notoriously AWFUL, but it's not real great all the time, either.

There might be an area or two that gives you anxiety, miles before you hit it each morning/afternoon.


For me, there's one particular area if I'm travelling from Buffalo to Main Street in Williamsville that I start sweating about, as soon as I get on the 33.  From downtown, I take the 33 to the 90...then hop on the 290...and have 3.5 seconds to merge 2 lanes over to exit 7A to get to the Main Street exit.  It's nerve-wracking to me.

A Reddit discussion highlighted similar areas.  One poster commented:

People coming off the 33 have no protected lane to merge and no yield sign going either way. Drivers have to immediately merge off the 33 into traffic and then move over 2 lanes quickly against people trying to move over to get onto the 290 or the 33. It seems like if they just moved the on ramp back and gave it a protected merge, it would solve a lot of problems, but I would like to hear other perspectives on this issue.

Someone else brought up the 190 South to the Skyway, where there's on-ramp merging from Church Street.

Eric mentioned when you're on the 198, passing Main Street going towards the 33, near Medaille, he gets sketched out.

What about you?  Is there a particular Buffalo area part of your commute you just dread every day? Comment below!

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