Without a doubt, we have some pretty good marketing business-savvy people around here in Western New York. We know this because every other commercial you know exactly how it is going to end because they're catchy (sometimes over-played) commercial has embedded itself in our heads, which is exactly what these guys like to hear.

What would you add to your list here? Which ones did I not think of?

  • 1

    Mike Barney Nissan

    I feel to mimic the sound I need to plug my nose and do it: "Mike Barney Niiiiissan..."


  • 2


    You knew this had to make the list before you even got here. Maybe the most recognizable privately owned company jingle in the United States (seriously).

    Billy: "It's huge, Buffalo. Just HUGEEEEE-A"

  • 3

    William Mattar

    You know the drill.

    "Hurt in a car, call William Mattar"

    In all seriousness, one of the nicest guys on earth. Plus, make sure you thank him once in a while -- he's the guy that pays the tab for everyone's Designated Drivers of Buffalo ride every New Year's Eve.

  • 4

    Airport Plaza Jewlers

    That chicken never 'cost an arm and a leg'.

  • 5

    Mighty Taco

    Haha. You know trying to mimic it makes you actually look ridiclous: MIGHTY TACO, MIGHTY TACO, MIGHTY TACO.

  • 6


    It's been around almost longer than anyone on the list. "Basil, Basil, just great deals!"

  • 7

    Valu Home Centers

    "Value has everythinnggg youuu need."

    Que the butter churn.

    (PS, the guy that does the 'butter churn' was actually in the movies 'Fallout' and 'The Falls', I believe.)

  • 8

    Celino and Barnes

    I wonder how many drunk calls they get from people that think they need them because NO MATTER how many drinks one has, you will always remember their phone number: 854-2020

    (That's how good they are -- that's they're old number. I just remembered after we posted this that their new number is 888-8888. Good Lord.)

  • 9


    "Tops never stops saving you moreeeee."

    (Or if you're in fourth grade still: Tops never mops, hurting your morrrree.)

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