As people head out to work this morning and WNY returns to "normal"  a full day after Sunday's windstorm, the clean-up work continues.

NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) reports the Weekend storm brought down trees, flooded streets, and damaged seemingly countless roofs in the area.

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As previously reported route 5 in Lackawanna was hard hit with winds strong enough to cause a billboard to fall on a gas station.

“That’s just nuts, it’s nuts. I’m glad nobody got hurt,” said Orlando Glover who lives around the corner from the gas station. He says he had no idea the billboard fell over during the storm.  That wind was hollering so fierce you couldn’t hear nothing but the wind and the creaking of the roofs,” he said. “I was scared our roof was going to collapse that’s how bad the wind came in at us.”


The high winds spared few areas of Western New York. Buffalo City Officials say there were over 30 trees at last count,  knocked down as a result of the storm. A good number of those have already been removed by public works crews.

“We have four crews working on advancing that today,” said Buffalo Department of Public Works Commissioner Michael Finn. “To put that in context, from the October storm in 2019 we had over 200 at the end of the storm so we expect to receive more as daylight comes and people see issues that they maybe didn’t at night.”

Sunday’s storm also reportedly damaged Shea’s Performing Arts Center.

“Our staff came in this morning, knowing it had been very windy they took a look around the entire complex and checked the roofs on all our buildings and discovered this,” Shea’s president Michael Murphy said.

Crews are expected to continue cleaning up the damage throughout the rest of this week.

Facebook posts were full of people asking for reputable roofers and contractors to help with wind damage.

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