If you're a new parent -- or a parent in general -- you know the pain of not getting any rest because your child won't sleep.  Whether they're a newborn or toddler, it's very likely YOU'VE lost a lot of sleep, because your little one wouldn't sleep.


Actually, parents lose about 44 DAYS of sleep during the first year of a child's life.  And often, the best way to ease a child into slumber is taking them for a car ride.  (Of course, not always a good idea when you're a sleepy parent...)

Ford knows where their bread is buttered...and introduced a "one-off publicity" thing called Max Motor Dreams.  The crib mimics a car ride, complete with a gentle rocking motion, the light hum of a motor, and LED lights that mock passing traffic lights.  It was initially to showcase how relaxing their new vehicle is...but naturally it got a lot of attention from sleep-deprived parents.

So they're thinking of actually making them. (We will DEFINITELY keep you posted if this ever becomes a thing!)

Honestly, I'd love one of these for myself, adult-sized!  Nothing lulls me to sleep more than someone else doing the driving and me shutting my eyes!

This begs the question -- what does your child NEED to sleep?

What do YOU absolutely have to have in order to fall asleep?



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