The cool thing about living in the State of New York is how each region is so unique. Most states might feel all the same no matter which section you go to, but living here in Western New York, it's definitely not that way here.

New York City is drastically different than Western New York, but Western New York is definitely not the same as Central or Upstate New York. The scenery, food, lifestyle, cost of living and layout is so different.

That's why it's always frustrating when New Yorkers have this one debate, because there really is no debate if you ask me.

I had a friend in college who was from Long Island/New York City region. He always used to say that Buffalo was in Upstate New York, and that definitely did not go over well with friends who lived in Western New York.

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Buffalo could not be further to the west in the state. It feels like many who are not in the New York City/Long Island region, refer to the rest of the state as "upstate," which is not the case.

There's Western New York, Central New York, the Southern Tier, Norther New York and Upstate New York, which is the section from Albany south to the outer limits of New York City.

It's like referring to all of Florida that isn't Miami, as "Upstate Florida."

A great way to make people in Western and Central New York mad is calling it "upstate New York."

Buffalo, NY is in Western New York. Rochester and Syracuse is in Central New York. It's not upstate, although chances are this debate will continue to go on and on...

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