From the cinnamon challenge to the hot pepper challenge, and everything in between, the internet has a plethora of things your kids are gonna try to go viral with. Some are GREAT, and for charity, like the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Some are just super fun and creative, like the Mannequin Challenge.

Some are just plain stupid though.  And honestly, dangerous.

The "new" one (it's actually been around for years but is gaining popularity) is something called the "Salt and Ice Challenge", and kids are literally giving themselves third degree burns with frostbite.

Yep, they're pouring salt on their arm (or other body part) and putting an ice cube over it, lowing the temperature of the ice cube.  This essentially gives the participant localized frostbite, also like a serious burn.


Doctors warn that not only is this silly, but it can also lead to infection.

How about we go ahead and tell our kids "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME"...or anywhere else.



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