How are you holding up?  The cold weather, then the drizzling cold rain, sometimes mixed with snow.  How about going to someplace warmer, and actually on a budget.

Residents Of Hawaii Prepare For Hurricane Lane
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Well, Money magazine has some ideas.

1)  Go right before or after the priciest seasons, so next month or even April are better than December and January.

2)  How about checking out places that are re-building, like Key West. The Flordia Keys just south of Miami are eager to grab tourists since Hurrican Irma.  There is the signature seafood handout with the locals called the Hogfish Bar & Grill.

3)  If you are going to Florida, fly into Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami, you'll get a much cheaper flight.

4)  How about considering Texas? It's not just BBQ, although that's not all that bad. But according to Money Magazine many

 locals pointing you to a beach retreat will recomment Galvenston Island, just an hour drive from Houston, on the Gulf Coast. Its 32 miles of shoreline offer both idyllic nature, including migratory birds, as well as live music and parties on the eastern edge— and in the winter, the temperature is moderate compared to the heat Texas experiences most of the year.

5) Yes.  You can go to the Caribbean. Money magazine adds

Curaçao has become a Caribbean go-to for Americans thanks to regular flights from major airlines and its friendliness to English speakers. The Dutch island, located off the Venezuelan coast, also happens to be outside of the path of most hurricanes and full of beautiful, colorful architecture.

6) How about Cancún? Well, there are loads of places to stay just outside Cancún that offer great deals. The beaches are just as pristine and there is plenty of fun shopping.  Then there are the Mayan ruins and coral reefs to visit.  Currently with the strong dollar in Mexico, you can enjoy everything for much less than in the states.

So, check out this link, for four more fabulous places, and start soaking in the waves, instead of shoveling snow.


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