I took my daughter to Darien Lake on Friday and we didn't play in the water park, we didn't really ride the rides, we played the games!




O.k. truth bomb... My first job when I moved to WNY 17 years ago was Darien Lake, BUT I worked in Games. My first game was the fill er up (The water gun game in the lower part) and then my second year I ran The Caterpillar game. I loved working the mic.

"Walk up, walk over, walk on in, see what big prize you can win!"

Yup, that was me! I worked 66 hours a week during the Summer and it is something that I will forever remember.

Funny how my daughter wanted to play the games, though.

So, I am very strategic, I want to make sure there is a "prize everytime." So, we played the fish game, the dart game, and we had to play The Caterpillar game because it brings me back to some awesome memories. Well, she won a lot of prizes and the prizes this year are absolutely adorable!


Unicorns, teddy bears, AND they are super soft. One of the softest stuffed toys I have ever felt. Amber loves sleeping with them!


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