As you may know, my son Avry is an 8th grader at Sweet Home Middle School, and I got a call no parent wants to get..a call about a possible active shooter on the High School Campus.

The good news is that the report of gunshots fired turned out to be false and there was no threat at the High School. The Amherst Police responded to the report and investigated the report and found that there was no gun on campus.

While the threat was at the High School not where my son is a student, I will say Sweet Home officials did an amazing job keeping parents alert of the incident.

While the high school was on lockdown, all other schools in the Sweet Home District also went into lockdown protocol just in case.

From the 1st report until the all clear, I received 3 phone calls, texts, and emails keeping up in the loop of what was happening. Something as a parent I was extremely happy to receive!

Here is what the Amherst Police release to the press about the incident.

Photo Credit: Amherst Police
Photo Credit: Amherst Police

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