There are a lot of things that people look forward to on Valentine's Day, some of them may even be traditions...Here are interesting and even surprising statistics...

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1. Four out of five people are doing SOMETHING SPECIAL to celebrate Valentine's Day.

2.  Almost half of us think today should be a national holiday and a paid day off work.

3.  7 out of 10 of us will go out for dinner either tonight or another night this week to celebrate.

4.  The worst thing you can do to kill the mood at dinner tonight is use your phone too much.  The other bad things you can do are:  Being rude to your server . . . talking about your ex or politics . . . and having bad table manners.

5.  Men think they're more romantic than women.  The average man gives himself an eight out of 10 for romance . . . the average woman gives herself a six out of 10.

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