If you plan on dining out today to wrap up the weekend and are going to pick it up curbside from Wegmans, please don't be this person.

Curbside pickup is very easy to do as well. When you order and select curbside pickup, you head to the store and pull into a reserved curbside pickup spot in the parking lot and text a certain number and they bring out your food.

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Picking up curbside is easy and simple unless, of course, you get a person who doesn't think about anyone but themselves

These are the people who park in the curbside pickup spot and treat it like a normal spot and go inside to shop.

I understand why some people might do this. Almost all of the curbside pickup spots are located right near the doors of the Wegmans cafe, so if you don't want to walk they are very enticing to park in. But you are not supposed to use it as a regular spot. It is only for people who ordered curbside pickup.

I have seen this happen on many occasions where there is a car with no one inside of it sitting in the curbside pick-up space. It happened again on Thursday afternoon. I pulled in to pick up our pizza and boom there is a car parked in the curbside pickup space with no one in it.



This has happened to me on numerous occasions, I will pull into the curbside spot and wait for my food to come out. While I am there, there is a vehicle that is just in a spot with no one in it. If that was you, just know if you do this, people don't like you. Why do you think you are more important than everyone else and get to park wherever you want? The answer is...you don't. Don't be that guy (or gal).

Sure it may take a whole extra minute to walk from a regular parking space, but at least you will be a good person!

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