Buffalo, New York has an incredible music scene, bringing major headliners to massive venues like Highmark Stadium and KeyBank Center, to lesser known bands and local musicians frequenting spots like the Ani DiFranco-owned Babeville and Buffalo Iron Works. 

It was inside one of these small spaces where one local music lover looking to have a fun night out ended up suffering a life-threatening injury. 

Devastating Accident At Iconic Music Venue In Western New York

According to a post on the local Buffalo subreddit, a horrible incident occurred during a recent concert at Mohawk Place, an iconic venue in the Buffalo area, that local fans (as well as those from Canada, Rochester, and Pennsylvania) have been going to for years.

On Tuesday night, during the set from the Australian band Trophy Eyes, an ill-timed stage dive from the band’s lead singer, John Floreani, injured attendee Bird Piché. A post-show GoFundMe revealed that the young fan suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury, and had to undergo extensive surgery. 

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Warning: Disturbing video below. Please watch and read comments on the post at your own discretion.

Buffalo, NY Trophy Eyes show
byu/wmsiegner5 inTrophyEyes

“She has a long recovery ahead and will need all the help she can get. It is still too early to know what her prognosis is but after leaving the hospital she will need to go to a rehab facility. She will obviously not be able to work during this time.”

Afterwards, reports from show attendees say the concert was abruptly stopped and canceled. 

This is unfortunately not the first awful stage diving accident at Mohawk Place. Back in 2011, a man was severely injured after being knocked down. Since then, the venue has banned the act for both bands and patrons.

Popular Band Speaks Out After Buffalo Fan Injured

On Friday, Trophy Eyes posted a statement on their social media accounts addressing the terrible accident. 

“Out of respect for the family, we have refrained from speaking about this publicly so far, but with the blessing of their family we are now able to say how truly heartbroken we are to be here now. Our friend, Bird, is now in recovery, but still has a long road ahead for them...

This situation has shaken us all to our core, and we ask for patience while we look to help Bird navigate this difficult time. Please, keep Bird in your thoughts. We remain in close contact with them and will expand on this as new news arrives.”

This entire event brings tears to our eyes. Not only does our heart break for Bird, their family, and their loved ones, but also for the band Trophy Eyes, who clearly never meant for this to happen and just wanted to bring joy to those who came to see them in Buffalo.

If moved to do so, please give generously to Bird's GoFundMe HERE.

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