Maybe there is a new #1 spot to watch the Bills game.

The “Billsmafia House” is a two bedroom, one bath cottage in Orchard Park, and it is the closest house to Highmark Stadium. It’s called “Billsmafia House” for a reason -- the place is entirely Buffalo Bills themed, from the outside paint job to the interior decor. 

It’s an older cottage, but it is slowly being renovated, showing off a brand new bathroom and new floors. 

When you stay at the “Billsmafia House,” the tailgating never has to stop. The backyard of the house features a shared tailgate area on the property and yes, there may be some surrounding tailgaters as this home is perhaps the closest to Highmark Stadium as you can get. 

If you rent for a game or you hold a mini event at the “Billsmafia House,” the inside space will be private, so don’t worry about that. On a weekend, you may have lots of tailgaters outside the home, but the more Bills Mafia members, the merrier!

You will have the entire cottage to yourself during your stay, and you can self-check yourself into this incredible location upon making your reservation via AirBnB.

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