Okay, so it's Valentine's Day -- a day when it seems like everyone else is coupled, or the pressure to be so, is quite apparent. However, if you are single this year, there are loads of reasons to celebrate.Remember this is a commercial holiday, and not every couple is starry-eyed.  So, I thought on this day, we should also celebrate the most important relationship in your life-YOU!

In fact, the NBC today show got so excited about the concept of lovely single-hood that they compiled a list.  A list of 50 wonderful reasons to celebrate being single this Valentine's day.  Here are ten:

1) You can do whatever you darn well, please.

2) You can slump around the house in any old thing.

 3)  "You don't have to deal with anyone's grumpy, moody personalities.

4)   You can be happy with who you are, not who he or she wants you to be.

5)  No more checking with someone to see if 'it's okay' to tell someone yes or no to an invitation. You can accept on the spot!

6) You don't have to worry if he or she will or won't call.  Love this one!!!

7) No more arguments about things you can't explain

8)  You control the remote.

 9)  No Snoring

10) You can have eight hours of undisturbed sleep with the covers all to yourself.  How lovely is that? :))))

Happy You-day!  Be sure to eat loads of chocolate, and watch whatever Netflix show you want :)

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