So you are just hanging out at home, alone.  Doing nothing?  Maybe a bit lonely and wanting to be with friends.  Then Get Laila,

Jacob Wackerhausen

According to Buffalo Rising

 Laila is a service, that is essentially a machine learning algorithm, designed to nudge users to hang out with their friends. Laila is the brainchild of Buffalonians Justin LaRosa, Mike Ferris, and Will Kramer.

After spending sometime together :-)  Laila was born!

LaRosa and Kramer describe Laila as a personal assistant of sorts. It’s not designed as a dating program – rather it is intended to get people off the couch, to interact with their close friends in real life. These are intended as more serendipitous meet-ups, instead of scheduled well in advance get-togethers. Laila has the ability to learn users’ schedules, so that she (it) can signal to someone that it’s a good time to do something… on the fly.

If you are worried about security,

LaRosa and Kramer also said that Laila is not intertwined with any sort of social media platforms, and that friends’ locations are never shared with users – it’s a non-invasive app that only suggests to friends times and places to meet up… when everyone is free to do something. Users can set their availability status to manual, or they can let Laila handle their social life.

So, get off the couch and get Laila!

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