Part of the fun of going to any sporting event is that you're never quite sure what's going to happen.  Well, here is something that I am pretty sure won't ever happen at Coca-Cola Field.  Although, now that I've lived in Buffalo for two years, maybe I should never say never. 

It happened this past weekend, a Kangaroo hopped into a soccer game for over half hour.  It's fun to watch the beauty of this animal, but what made me laugh is how the commentators got into it.


According to Australian's Bar TV Sports " The large eastern grey kangaroo first hopped onto the field during halftime in the game between the Belconnen United Blue Devils and the Canberra Football Club on Saturday.

Officials tried to move it on from the grounds in Deakin with a soccer ball, but the roo seemed to enjoy having a go at the sport — using its hind legs and paws to temporarily dribble the ball."

In the end, think we know who the true star of that game was, right?  :-)

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