Dave and I are battling it out. (As usual) Our new argument? Should you shower at night or in the morning?


I say you should shower at night. You wash away the day. Can you imagine sleeping with the germs that you collected throughout the day? EWWW!!!!!! I like showering at night because it washes the day as well as the germs away.

Dave said that he likes to shower in the morning. He said he feels clean, wakes him up, and gets his day started. He also said it gives him the opportunity to wash his greasy hair. (or lack thereof)

Producer Rob also showers at night. He said it is gross to go to bed dirty!

A new study suggests that it is best to shower at night.

"According to dermatologists, it's better for your skin to shower after you've been sweating all day . . . and sleep experts say it also fits in better with your body's natural rhythms, so showering at night will help you sleep better. "

Also 61% of people say they shower at night as opposed to 39% of people shower in the morning.

So, there you have it. I win. Dave looses. Dave, you need to shower at night.


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