Identity theft is on the rise. Crooks are coming up with more clever ways to steal your hard, earned, cash. Here is some new info on "shimming."


According to the Better Business Bureau, crooks are using a super thin device similar to a piece of paper to insert into slots like at gas stations, ATM's all around the United States. They can read all of your info like bank account, credit cards, AND they can even steal your pins.

This can be a scary situation. You can't even trust the normal everyday swiping! Remember this is if you have the chip. The chip doesn't stop them from receiving your info. If you are having trouble with a device accepting your card, beware! It could be the "shimmer."

The Council on Aging suggests using a bank ATM not the ones you use at the Mall or convenient stores. Not sure why they think a bank would be safe. Perhaps, better security camera's?

Either way, my opinion is to just use cash from now on. This is absolutely nuts! These crooks will stop at nothing! Be safe, Buffalo!

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