New York Senator Charles Schumer and another colleague from Connecticut are calling on the U.S. Justice Department and the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission to investigate reports of employers asking job applicants for their Facebook passwords.

Last week, there were reports of job seekers being asked by potential employers for their passwords to Facebook  and other social media outlets. While it may sound outrageous to you and me, employers have been known to search Facebook for any information they can find about potential employees. This is just taking it one step further. Senator Schumer though, apparently thinks it's one step too far.

Businessweek  reports Schumer and Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut are asking federal officials to investigate the matter, and find out whether the request violates any federal laws.

Schumer has told reporters, if it doesn't violate any law, he would like one on the books.  He released a state to the media which included the following summation: 

“Employers have no right to ask job applicants for their house keys or to read their diaries. Why should they be able to ask them for their Facebook passwords?”

There are also questions as to whether the information an employer may uncover by searching through someone's Facebook account is legally permissable when making a hiring decision.

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