I probably would not dine out by MYSELF on Valentine's Day, and I'm not sure that this idea would do anything to boost your self-esteem.

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There's a  pop-up restaurant in London for Valentine's Day that has single people in-mind.  If you book a table, they'll seat you in front of a MIRROR as a way of promoting "self-love."

The name of the restaurant is "Two4One."

They say the point of the mirror is to spend Valentine's Day, quote...

"falling in love with yourself."

There's another twist .  After watching yourself eat alone, they remove the mirror . . . and reveal the person who's been sitting across from you the whole time...you eat dessert with them, and then have the option of splitting the bill.

Is that the restaurant's idea of matchmaking?

Tickets cost about $25, and all the money raised goes to charity.

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