We are gearing up for a heatwave here in Western New York and many people will be looking for ways to keep cool.

One of the easiest ways to cool down is to take a plunge into a pool. But that happens if you don't own a pool.


Well, now you can rent one! There is a website swimply.com that allows people to rent out their pools by the hour.

The whole process works like using Airbnb. You set up an account on the website and then you can search where and who is offering their pools up for rent.

I did a search using the zip code 14075, and here are some of the pools that came up on the search.


Coco & Nuts Tranquil Escape In Buffalo

This listing is for an inground pool and hot tub. The owner is currently charging $20 per hour to rent out the pool.

See the listing HERE.

Pool with Privacy In Orchard Park

This listing is for a pool along with three acres of land to use in the backyard. Currently, the owner is asking $75 per hour.

See the listing HERE.

Heated Above Ground Pool and Kid Backyard in Williamsville

This listing is for an above pool that is heated and comes with access to a playground for kids. The owner is currently asking for $35 per hour.

See the listing HERE.

Just know that even though there is an APP that allows you to post your pool to be rented, it is illegal to do so in New York State.

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According to Erie County's policy, you could be fined $2000 if you are found in violation of renting out your private pool.

Individuals who rent their private swimming pool to the public without a permit are violating state sanitary code and putting themselves at risk of penalties/fines. New York State allows penalties of up to $2,000 per violation. Complaints about swimming pools operating without a permit can be sent to the Erie County Department of Health Division of Environmental Health at (716) 961-6800.


Before you rent out a pool or offer up your pool for rental, just know the rules and regulations before you do.

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