There is one city in New York that is known for its people going beyond the call of duty to help out their neighbors and now that city was named the nicest in America.

Reader's Digest recently did a story about which cities in America were the nicest, and Buffalo, New York landed at #1 on that list.

Buffalo took home the top spot due to many different factors. From the people to the businesses, Reader's Digest was impressed by how people are so nice in the Queen City.

Buffalo unseated Coulterville, California as the nicest town in America. Coulterville is a tiny town in Northern California, about 150 miles inland from San Francisco.

Just this week Buffalo once again showed how much they care for people, including people who they never even met. Cleveland running back Nick Chubb was injured during the Monday Night Football game and when word spread on social media that he would miss the season, Bills Mafia stepped up.

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If you spend 5 minutes in Buffalo and the surrounding area you know that you will never be alone and there will always be a "Friend" nearby.

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