Many truly disturbing videos from the Western New York  area are going viral on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, and it’s making some residents truly terrified. 

It’s all due to a dangerous new social media trend called “Thruway Swimming,” and it has the potential to be extremely deadly. 

You may have never heard of Thruway Swimming before, but chances are high that you may have seen it in action on one of Buffalo’s highways and it freaked you out.

What Is Thruway Swimming?

Crazy videos like THIS ONE of a speeding driver weaving in and out of cars and lanes on the 33 in Buffalo are causing major alarm and fear for other drivers, especially ones that frequently commute around Western New York.

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We’ve personally seen this happen close to a dozen times in the past month while traveling in New York, and each time, the incidents get more and more jarring. Drivers who do this aren’t just obviously putting themselves and their passengers at risk, but are seriously endangering the lives of the drivers around them who are just trying to get to work, home, school, or run some errands for their families. 

Police sirens

Can Anything Be Done To Stop These Reckless Drivers In Buffalo?

Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia told Buffalo’s WGRZ-TV that police have been instructed to pull over drivers whenever they see the act happening, but we bet that’s easier said than done due to the dangerously high speeds, and chasing the speeding offenders could put many more people on the road at risk. 

Unfortunately, even though offending drivers could be charged, the trend shows no sign of stopping. We really hope that this scary social media movement fades away soon, especially before the worst case scenario comes true and someone gets seriously injured or loses their life because of it.

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