High schoolers, and their parents, are getting ready for prom season. Here's where to shop for prom dresses in Western New York.

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It's been a while, but proms are coming back. While some schools were able to find ways to put together makeshift events, the pandemic really put a hold on most of them.  So now that they're back, where do people go to prepare?

It can be a really stressful thing for most kids.  They want the perfect dress. - one that looks incredible and fits right...and of course is the right color.

The prom is coming and I've got a senior.  We have some time, but now is the time to start shopping.

We were talking about it at the dinner table last night and my wife asked my daughter where to go for dresses these days.  She hasn't really been prom dress shopping in a while and I've never gone prom dress shopping so we kind of all looked at each other with blank stares.

So I did what I always do.  I reached out to you, my listeners to help with the search.  Everyone has a place where they like to go.  Whether they have the best selection, or the prices are the best, people who have been prom dress shopping know all the places to go.

The thing I like about this is that there is something for every budget on this list.  If you're looking for the jaw-dropping dress of the century or you're looking for the dress for less, you'll find a place on this list.  I included a couple that were a bit further away too (in Pennsylvania) but that people raved about.

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