She went to prom and was told that she had to go home. Was this over-the-top?

Senior Mireya Briceno was sent home from her prom Friday night after an hour when she was told her dress was in violation of the dress code. Her mother Connie told Fox 17 that she and her daughter went over the rules last-week and thought her $300 dress was fine.

Among many other rules, one specifically states that “no midriff is exposed” and that includes seeing it through a sheer material. Mireya’s midriff wasn’t showing in her blue and white polka dot dress, but her side was showing. “When you look in the mirror, there should be no skin showing around the midriff area,” said Connie. “When her arms were down, you couldn’t see any skin,” she adds. Connie doesn’t know the exact reason her daughter was told to leave the prom, she’s only guessing because no one has told them. “They asked her to stand-up and turn around, so she turned around and they simply told her ‘You’re in violation, you need to go home,'” said Briceno.

According to Yahoo, Connie specifically said:

The guidelines specifically said backless dresses are acceptable."

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