Prom season is here again! The anxiety over a date, the perfect dress, how to get shoes dyed perfectly to match your dress (OMG, THAT!!!) and where the after party was gonna be?  All things that were UBER important to us back in the day (and now, important to our kids!!! Yikes!!).

Do you remember the theme to your high school prom?  I graduated in 1993 from Jamestown High School, so naturally, "These Are Days" by our hometown band 10,000 Maniacs took center stage.

From Madonna to Kris Kross, Notorious B.I.G. to Ricky Martin, ya gotta admit, the songs defined our experience.

Lets have a little fun...tell me what year YOU graduated high school.  We'll use some very scientific formulas* to determine the biggest prom-song-sensation that year.  Who knows, maybe YOUR prom song will take the spotlight in my #1 Track Throwback at 7:05am tomorrow!

I'd love to hear from you too. I want to know what school you went to, what your senior quote was, and if you got any superlatives!  We'll swap stories tomorrow morning starting around 6:25...all leading up to the big song at 7:05am!

Our number is (716) 644-9696, or you can text (716) 241-9696.  Feel free to Tweet (@Mix96Buffalo and @LauraDaniels961) using #716GradSong !

Hey, while we're getting all social'n'stuff, have you downloaded the Mix 96 app yet?  DO THAT NOW! :)

*formulas are in no way, shape, or form scientific, and song selection may or may not be at the sole discretion of your gracious prom party host.

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