We have a list of firsts we almost all remember and hold dear (at least, I do!).

First kiss (Erik Mattoon), first job (Quality Markets), first vinyl (Queen, The Game), first cassette (Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA AND Cyndi Lauper, She's So Unusual...big babysitting gig money)....what about your first car (88 Dodge Shadow)?

With prom season here, we were sharing prom dress memories (see mine here and here), and what we drove in high school.

Chances are, your first car was what we used to call "a beater", meaning it was used, and pretty beat up.


My Shadow (named Lil Tooter Bug) was in relatively good shape, but my FAVORITE friends' cars to drive in were those with more personality.

Like the ones held together with duct tape...or with the fabric on the ceiling ripped off, so just the foam was exposed (for you to write your name in)...or the ones with holes in the floor from years of salty roads, so you could see the road beneath your feet!

A fun article says if you were born after 1980, your first car was probably a Chevy (other millennials' cars are probably Honda, Toyota, Ford, or Nissan).

If you were born between 1960 and 1980, your first car was probably a Ford...but other likelihoods include Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, and Pontiac.

Baby Boomers? Your first car was probably Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen, Plymouth, or Toyota.

Oh, and parents?  86% of kids between 15 and 17 expect YOU to pay for gas and insurance for their car.

Happy Summer!


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