Since Tony's punishment for breaking his New Year's resolution was to do not just one, but TWO workouts with me -- he was forced to make good on the bet.

I heard from co-workers how much he was complaining since the first of his workouts with me. "Oh my god," they said Tony moaned, "Everything hurts. I almost threw up." And, so on.

Check out how he did on Day 2:

So way back at the start of 2017 (you know, last month), Tony and I made New Years resolutions, and devised a punishment system in order to keep one another accountable. While it's true I missed a week of working out (doctor's orders, but *apparently* that still counts), and I took my punishment like a real woman.

Fast forward like nine days, and Tony starts missing workouts fairly consistently. Finally I would get to carry out my revenge! Or so, I thought. If you missed on Tony pranking me *hard* about his punishment, check it out here.

Instead, I challenged him to an in-studio workout. Which he failed miserably at, and begged me to let him stop. I allowed it -- but only if he would go to my gym with me, and see what a real workout was like.

See how Day 1 went:


Tony learned the hard way that he shouldn't be calling it a "good workout" when he's been watching a period of the Sabres game while breaking a light sweat on his elliptical machine!

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